I answered the phone the second you called,
And never ignored a text.
The moment you needed me, there I was,
You were always my first thought.

Your emotions dictated the words I said,
And how I treated you.
The problem is the one-sidedness,
You never think of me.

I’ve poured of my heart and told you the truth,
About what hurts my soul.
Yet you never think before you act,
Or speak, or think, or do.

I’m there for you whatever you need,
I know I’ve proved it to you.
Yet when I’m lost and scared and alone,
I can’t expect the same.

I’m glad you’re happy and things are good,
Nobody deserves it like you.
But maybe once you could call me up,
To check I’m feeling the same.

I’m lost, I’m low, I’m scared and alone,
I want to turn to you.
But you’re busy, you’re happy and have no time,
I’ll never be put first.

You joke, you laugh, you mean so well,
But to me it cuts so deep.
You forgot all the things I told you before,
The things that crush my soul.

I want to believe we’re equal here,
Yet I can see that will never be.
You don’t have time to listen or think,
You don’t have time for me.