If you’re reading this I’m going to suggest that you probably opened the link with a ‘FUCK! It’s Mother’s Day soon? So soon I’m having to use a last minute gift guide?!’. My answer to you is yes, dumbass. It’s on Sunday.

But worry not my little last minute idiots. I’ve put together a gift guide of things your mum/wife/girlfriend will not only actually want, but you can make sure you get in time. Mothers are awesome and deserve a day of being spoiled, like, really spoiled. Because mothers do so much. So quit slacking and get on it. Got that? Matt?

This list will not include anything Cath Kidston, compilation CDs that include Ellie Golding, baking sets, or flower-shaped egg rings. Because I’m a mum that doesn’t want that shit and I am surrounded by mums who don’t want that shit. Sound like the sort of thing the mums in your life would like alongside the hand-drawn card thrown at their face at 6am on Sunday morning? Perfect, follow me.



Lets be honest, booze is always a good gift. Especially for mums. As soon as you manage to remove the small person you made from your nipple it becomes medicinal. Of course buying a fancy of bottle of wine can go far, but a booze-related gift doesn’t have to seem like a last minute panic, it can be personal. You literally cannot go wrong with a magnum of prosecco, seriously, especially if you don’t make her share. You can also add a homemade touch to a supermarket trip, get hold of a recipe for her favourite cocktail and make her up a little hamper with all the ingredients and some nice glasses, a simple way of creating luxury.

But a booze-related gift doesn’t have to seem like a last minute panic trip to Sainsburys, it can be personal, show that you pay attention to her order at the bar, and give her the chance to get away for the night. A tour of the Sipsmith distillery not only says ‘you deserve a drink’ but also ‘I love  you more than just buying a jug of Woowoo from Wetherspoons’ (make sure you choose express delivery to get it by Sunday).


Mother’s Day isn’t Mother’s Day without some flowers. But it doesn’t have to be pink carnations from Tesco. Surprise your mum with not only flowers on Sunday, but a bunch of flowers for the next three months, the gift that keeps on giving! Or why not put a twist on the most traditional of Mother’s Day gifts? Instead of a bunch of flowers, treat her to a cup of tea that blooms as it brews.

Booze (1).jpg

Everybody loves new clothes. Everybody. It can be easy to let your wardrobe become tired as a mum, mostly because there are so many cute, tiny clothes that it’s just too tempting to spend your money on instead! Whether you grab a pair of awesome (and breast-feeding friendly) dungarees for a new mum, some practical – but sexy – shapewear to make her feel better about her mum tum (this is obviously more recommended for you to buy for your mum partner, please don’t buy your own mother lingerie), or a pair of shoes that are not only completely practical for running around after a over-active small person – but are gorgeous.

Booze (2).jpg

I will use quite literally any excuse to plug my all time favourite jewellery brand Wanderlust Life, this is another of those times. Perfectly minimal and suited to absolutely anyone you cannot go wrong with Georgie’s gorgeous jewels. Whether you buy your mum a necklace of her birthstone or a perfectly subtle hand-hammered ring you’re bound to make her feel as special as she is with these highly personal gifts. I have bought a lot of the ladies in my life gifts from Wanderlust and they are a hit every time, without fail.

Booze (4).jpg

Mums are generally 87% more tired than the rest of the population. That is a totally factual, scientific fact that I just made up. Because of this they require much more pampering and wonderfully luxurious beauty products. Treat her to my personal favourite concealer (which does WONDERS for eye bags, I can’t recommend it enough) from Nars, a Pamper Hamper from Lush, or go all out and give her the gift of a whole day being pampered at a spa together, a great way to ensure she feels relaxed and rejuvenated, while having the perfect opportunity for a catch up.

Booze (5)

Of course not everybody can afford to spoil their mums as much as they might like to. But you can easily show some love and appreciation on the cheap. A cheap photo frame scribbled on by the little one in Sharpie holding a much loved photo, cooking her favourite meal from scratch or just letting her have a god damn lie-in will make any mum feel loved, appreciated, and just completely special. And isn’t that what Mother’s Day is about?

So go forth, make her day. And stay away from Cath Bastard Kidston.


And a note for single mums, I know from experience how lonely and shit Mother’s Day can feel. Little people aren’t known for showing their thanks. Try and find a way to treat yourself, that £20 dress you wanted but couldn’t quite justify? Buy it. Now. You deserve it. Last year I bought myself some super expensive, totally impractical, slutty underwear. Because why not? One day that tiny terror will thank you, for now you need to thank yourself, you are badass girl!