Christmas time, mistletoe and far too much wine…and destroying your credit rating in an attempt to fulfill everyone’s wish lists. We spend so much time spending at Christmas that it can become more of a mad dash to fill the stockings with whatever is nearest the check out in Accessorize or what Amazon suggests than an actual attempt to find something our loved ones will not only like, but love. So here I am, my selfless self, to help cut down the stress and give you a nudge in the right direction (while hopefully giving a few clues for my own gifts, win win).

Also, everything listed here comes from small companies owned by real people who are working their arses off creating and curating wonderful and beautiful things. I am a firm believer in shopping small (although am swayed by Amazon far too often) especially at Christmas time. Some are bigger than others, some are featured in fancy gift guides and stocked in fancy stores, some still sell through Instagram and are in their baby stages. All are awesome.

So make everybody happy, the recipients of your gifts, the creators of your gifts, and you – for being damn awesome…

(None of this is sponsored, these are all brands that I personally love and happily spend my money on…probably too much money…)


Wanderlust Life 
Anybody who has ever read a gift guide by me before will know of my undying love for this jewellery brand. Georgie creates the most gorgeous, minimalist jewellery that suits absolutely everybody. Inspired by her desire to constantly travel (it’s what happens when you live near the beach, those sea legs kick in regularly) each and every piece is unique and beautiful. I am never without my layered necklaces and Wanderlust ring, I literally never take them off.
There’s definitely something for everyone here,  for me the new Northern Lights collection is a sure fire winner, the labradorite and moonstone are to die for. The classic birth stones also offer a great, personalised gift – tip for dads; the kids’ birthstones would be nice…
(Also, it’s worth noting that Wanderlust Life is now stocked in Liberty London, so you’re on to some good brownie points for upmarket shopping here!)


Don’t Buy Her Flowers
Started in response to a house full of slowly dying flowers post-baby, Steph was inspired to create an alternative gift for new mums. This has quickly grown, and baby or not, anybody would be happy to recieve one of these little boxes of love.
With the aim of encouraging the recipient to sit down, take a minute, and spoil themselves for a while – which lets be honest, we all need reminding to do sometimes. Customisable to ensure the box is perfect, and each one filled with great products nobody could say no to. You could probably do all your Christmas shopping at Don’t Buy Her Flowers and just be done with it…
(There is now a brand new Man Package, because sometimes he needs to sit down too.)

Bonus! The new Gin Package contains the wonderful new Hurrah for Gin book which is genuinely the funniest and most accurate portrayal of parenting I’ve read in a very long time. With added stick figures.

Untitled design (24).jpg

Syrup and Salt
Proof that a great person with a cool idea is always a good thing! Kato lives and works in Cornwall creating awesome, unique t-shirts, bracelets, bags, towels, and even pants! Each and every item is made with love but looks perfectly at home hanging in your wardrobe alongside your Chanel (because obviously we all have Chanel in our wardrobes). I have the best changing towel from Syrup and Salt, bright turquoise with orange tassles, and it doesn’t fall down when doing the wetsuit-to-pants dance, I’ve been promising Kato I’ll get a photo of it for years, but I’m always too busy using it.
Website is currently under work, but drop a message on Instagram or email ( and you will be welcomed with open arms to discuss your ideas.

Untitled design (23).jpg


Waters Illustration
I’m putting this under the ‘gifts for him’ banner, but really any art bought is going to have to be enjoyed by everyone. Suz’s work will tick everyone’s boxes (matron!).
Offering an incredible selection of film, music, and any other face you can think of painstakingly reproduced into her unique style of polygon art. Suz can make any boring wall look awesome, it’s basically her calling in life.
If you’re looking for something more unique, Suz also offers bespoke designs. A print of your favourite singer, band, movie poster, or even pet (her pet portraits are great). But hurry! As time to order these before Christmas is running out.

Untitled design (18).jpg

Mr Natty
Whether he has a full lumberjack beard, a twizzler of a moustache, or is freshly shaved – Mr Natty has something for every face (and head). Barber extraordinaire himself, Natty knows a thing or two about what it takes to keep men looking dapper. These products are not only really, really good, they smell amazing, and the packaging is something you really won’t mind cluttering your dressing table. Looks good, smells good, works good. What more could you want?


The Snaffling Pig Co
What goes better with a cold pint of beer than a pack of pork scratchings? Nothing, that’s what (except maybe another pint of beer). But Mr Porky can only get you so far, Snaffling Pig pick the finest ingredients, cook to the highest quality standard, and create flavours better than anything you’ll find in The King’s Head. You may have seen these guys featured on This Morning with their advent calendar (which subsequently sold out and yeah it’s best you don’t mention this in our house). But why have just one scratching a day when you can shovel them in by the handful?!

Untitled design (22).jpg


Tobias & The Bear
I don’t think there’s a mum alive who doesn’t know about this awesome brand by this point! Started by mums, for mums, Tobias & The Bear creates clothes for babies and toddlers (up to 5) in great quality fabrics and awesome prints. I have honestly never felt a softer cotton, ever! They’ve also extended to bedding which is ridiculously soft and absolutely beautiful. (They’ve also recently released another limited edition line of some of their most popular pieces in adult sizes, because twinning really is winning!)


The Modern Nursery 
Choosing baby toys seems to be an endless search through garish, plastic, noisy toys. As these tend to spend their lifetime in the middle of your living room floor they can really ruin the long thought-out, relaxed, styled vibe you’ve created. This is where The Modern Nursery steps in, decor and baby/toddler toys that you’d happily leave out when Ideal Home comes to visit. Plus they’re practical, and best of all fun! 

Untitled design (20).jpg

Blossom and Bear
Teething sucks. Yet it’s something we all have to go through and Calpol only gets you so far…
Blossom and Bear create gorgeous, unique teething toys that will keep your gummy little one quiet, and you happy. While still looking really ruddy cool!
It may not seem like the most glamourous of gifts, but babies don’t really care, and your sanity is the best gift of all.
(They also offer super cute prints and outfits!)

Untitled design (27).jpg


Cottage Toys
Beautiful, traditional wooden toys that will not only keep your smalls entertained for hours but will make your home look like a shot from a Scandinavian home photo shoot. Toys R Us can’t say that…
There’s something for everyone within the virtual shelves here, it was not easy to only choose 10 products for the graphic! From big gifts to help out the man in red, to little stocking fillers, Cottage Toys have it all.

Untitled design (19).jpg

This Modern Life
Another beautiful collection of beautiful things! From lovely bedding to gorgeous lighting, and most importantly toys! If you’re looking for something more unique than the usual M&S finds, this is the shop for you. You won’t have to worry about doubling up on gifts from here (and to be honest, if you did it would only be a good thing!).

Untitled design (29).jpg

Cissy Wears
This shop has everything! Clothes, books, toys, jewellery. Everything! (Not just for the littles either, even the grown ups get a look in.) The clothes are phenomonal and will guarantee yours is the coolest kid at pre-school!

All unique and beautiful, you can’t go wrong with a mass order from Cissy Wears! Trust me when I say it’s best to allow the products to speak for themselves here, have a nosy, go on…

Untitled design (28).jpg



Coco Roses Apparel
I. Am. Obsessed. With. This. Brand.
After searching high and wide for ages to find a company offering good quality, fun clothes for children, I came across Mimi on Instagram and immediately knew I’d found a brand that was speaking the same language as me. The designs are beautiful, on great quality cotton, and with quotes about acceptance, kindness, and love. Oh, and by buying from Coco Roses you’re helping people across the world with a percentage going to charity (which you can read about here). What more could you want? The opportunity for twinning, some awesome mugs, and wonderful gifts for adults and children alike? Yeah, she’s got your back there too.


BKD London
Baking: the most fun for kids, the most mess and stress for parents.
BKD London are here to help, not only do they take the stress out of baking for the parents, but also they ensure you can create the most Instagrammable bakes of all time. Who doesn’t want to look like a domestic goddess to a load of strangers online? I know I do! These sets make great stocking fillers, or if you’re looking for a sweet treat ready made (less mess) they can help you out there too!

Untitled design (17).jpg

Molly Meg
I challenge you to have a browse through this store and not end up with a basket full. From fancy dress with a difference, to baking accessories, to Christmas decorations, to teepees! And everything in between!
Perfect for stocking stuffers that will actually be treasured and loved.
And of course, what stocking would be complete without a Whoopee Cushion!?
(Highly recommend you bookmark this page for the next birthday party you have to plan.)

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Porter's holiday Sale (5).jpg

Bloody Nora Pam
Another brand that is slowly taking over the wardrobes in our house. As they should! Husband and wife Emma and Adam have created a small brand that is taking the feminist family world by storm. With tees, sweats, patches, pins, and mugs proclaiming statements we can all get on board with. Specifically ‘Too Tired’…
The Eliminate Girl Hate range recieves a lot of love in our house and the patches will be sewn on every other item once I can find that pesky sewing kit.
10% of profits go to support the UK Sepsis Trust to honour Adam’s brother Josh, lost too soon and inspiration to this awesome brand.

Untitled design (15).jpg

The Fmly Store
Created by the parent blogging institution that is Molly Gunn of Selfish Mother fame as a store aimed at families of all shapes and sizes. Molly and her husband Tom work from their kitchen table to create designs that can now be seen across every parenting blog and Instagram in existence. T-shirts, jumpers, tote bags, and even pyjamas for every member of your FMLY. To spread the love even more this Christmas Molly’s #GoodTees certainly do good, donating proceeds to a number of charities (that can be read about here). What’s not to love?! Top picks for me have to be the iconic Winging It tee or the Mama pyjamas…no hints or nothing…


Hopefully this has helped you feel inspired to get shopping and spreading  Christmas cheer! Just remember, the rule is ‘one for them, two for me’!