We have some very, very exciting news!

Our little family of three is growing! With our new Mini Idiot joining the fun in June 2017!


We are so thrilled and can’t wait for the next leg of our adventure. The Tiny Idiot can’t wait either, although she has specified that she’ll only hold the baby if ‘it doesn’t poo on me’. Which is a fairly reasonable demand to be fair, if only I could say the same…

It’s been a tough three months with sickness, fainting, feeling like a rabid dog one minute and a lost baby bird the next, having to quit prosecco, and feeling utterly terrified by every single pain, twinge, or moment of indigestion. But it’s starting to get easier (and seeing our very wriggly and definitely healthy little bean last week has made it all worthwhile) and now I can enjoy eating as much as I want over Christmas!

I don’t want to moan too much (I’ll do another post for that), we really are so excited and so happy and feel so, so lucky!

Any excuse for a new Foxy Family portrait…


(Leggings from the ever wonderful Tobias & the Bear