Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have just returned from travelling in the deepest Amazon for the past three years you may have noticed a trend that seemingly came from nowhere. Podcasts. 

I love a podcast. I listen to them falling asleep at night, when I’m cleaning the house, when I’m walking, running, sitting on a train, just feeling a bit lonely. Love them! This does annoyingly mean whenever I find a new podcast that I love I session it so hard that I’ve run out within the week and have nothing to left to listen to.

In a bout of nostalgia for the podcasts I’ve listened to and loved, and the ones I’m patiently waiting for the next episode for, I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite podcasts. Join me in my addiction. Come to the dark side…

I’m starting with a couple of obvious ones, that most people have heard – but if you’re new to podcasts are a PERFECT place to start!

My Dad Wrote a Porno 


This show has been the starting point for many a podcast addict. If you haven’t heard this one a) where have you been and b) I am so jealous!

Jamie Morton, James Cooper, and Alice Levine sit down and cringingly work their way through a glorious adult novel – written by Jamie’s dad. It is the most awkward, awful, occasionally gag-inducing writing, and god it’s good! Introduce yourself to the world of Belinda Blumenthal, and never look at rivets of a ship or enjoy a Chillean chardonnay in the same way again.

Warning: listening to this in public makes you look absolutely mental. 

Serial (season 1) 

serial-itunes-logoIf MDWAP didn’t get you hooked to the world of podcasts this one will. Again, if you haven’t heard it you are both 500 years behind and so lucky!

Fans of true crime this is one for you. Investigating the 1999 murder of American high school student Hae Min Lee and the resulting arrest and prosecution of her boyfriend Adnan Syed. So many twists and turns and it will really get you questioning the way the justice system works…

Perfect if you’re a fan of Netflix’s Making a Murderer.


1200x630bbAnother great one for true crime fans, less murder than a lot of crime podcasts (they’ll come later in the list don’t worry).

Often focusing on the obscure, unreported crimes Criminal takes you inside some of the most interesting stories of humans I’ve heard in a long time. This is one I get excited for the new episodes every fortnight (and then sulk because I listened to them immediately and now have to wait another two weeks).


1200x630bb-1By far one of my favourite podcasts. Properly creepy stories that make you question just how badly you really need that wee in the middle of the night.

Stories of ghosts, demons, changlings, and all things that go bump in the night! I’ve introduced a few people to this who have gone on to hate me for it, but if you’re a fan of a few scares (filled with historical ‘factual’ stories of those scares actually happening) then this is the one for you!



This is a relatively new podcast, so you can catch up quickly. Ever wanted to watch all of the worst films ever made? Well these guys are doing it for you! John, Sophie, and Nicola are working their way through the 100 worst rated films on IMDB and it’s bloody funny!

Weirdly it kind of makes me want to watch these films deemed so bad…Mariah Carey should probably be paying them royalties.

S Town


This is a new one from the makers of Serial and This American Life and it’s bloody good! You’ll be seeing everyone talking about this very soon!

When I started listening I had absolutely no idea what to expect and that made it all the better so I’m not going to give to much away here. Basically if you enjoy stories of human interactions with an underlying hint of crime and mystery this is for you. Also, John is the most wonderful, stereotype of Middle America you’ll ever hear interviewed. (S Town is Shit Town by the way, his wonderful way of describing his Alabama home)

Sword and Scale

1200x630bb-2 Here you go, the gory, gross, graphic murder cast as promised.

I actually stopped listening to Sword and Scale for a long time as the host, Mike, made some very badly timed jokes and some pretty derogatory remarks to sufferers of mental illness. However he has listened to his audience and recent episodes are much less problematic.

Usually interspersed with genuine police recordings Sword and Scale brings you deep into some really horrific crimes. If that’s your kinda thing…

Letters to my Fanny

1200x630bb-3I mean if the title alone should have you sold…

That Cherry off the telly, Cherry Healey has interesting, clever, open and honest conversations with scores of wonderful women. Episode 11 with Charli Howard was absolutely incredible, one of the best interviews I’ve listened to in a long time. Absolutely fabulous conversations with names you know and names you don’t, talking everything from social media to babies to female cancer.

Plus she’s not scared to say vagina, which is a fear more people need to lose!

The Black Tapes

1200x630bb-4I had this sold to me as ‘the X-Files meets the Exorcist’ so clearly I was sold! Docudrama about a journalist’s search for truth about her subject Dr Strand and his somewhat mental past, and the figurative and literal ghosts that haunt them. Again it’s one that I don’t want to give away too much, as the bits and pieces you learn as you go through are what makes it so great.

I found the whole series so addictive. Proper case of ‘just one more episode…’

Someone Knows Something

someone-knows-something.jpgAnother great one for fans of true crime. Two seasons both searching for answers of crimes still unsolved. Series one searches for answers for five year old Adrien McNaughton’s sudden disappearance – with very little to go off. Series two questions the details of decades old missing person’s case of Sheryl Sheppard.

I don’t want to give too much away but both series’ are really great and again, I was hooked! It’s an incredible insight in to the ways people view missing persons crimes years after they disappear.

I could go on, but I think ten should do you for now…I apologise in advance for the loss of phone space and new obsession with having your headphones in at all times.

And if you’ve got any you think I might not have heard of I am always up for a new addiction!