Yes, you did read that correctly. Because what is a more serious emergency than a lack off pizza!? This was my mum’s go-to quick meal to fill me up and shut me up as a kid.

As it’s the school holidays that’s exactly the kind of cooking we’re all after. We can’t compete with school dinners and their midweek roasts, mostly because we can’t be arsed. Luckily this is delicious and literally only takes five minutes.

Ingredients (I’m not going to put a serving size because you can figure it out)
Baguette (doesn’t need to be overly fresh)
Milly’s Kidchup (you can use passata or pasta sauce here but honestly Kidchup is the tastiest choice and you’re giving your kids hidden veggies with absolutely no sugar unlike jarred pasta which honestly should be marketed as a dessert…)
Some random toppings that your kids will eat
Mixed herbs (unless you have a ‘what is that green shit!?’ kinda kid)

Slice the baguette in half and then into slice size pieces.

Spread a good layer of Kidchup over the baguette.

IMG_0680 3.jpg


Add whatever toppings the kids want.

Sprinkle on cheese. (I have absolutely no idea why I bought grated mozzerella, it was just there, don’t do that. Get a ball and eat like a normal human.)

IMG_0682 2

Sprinkle on herbs. (We add black pepper and chilli sea salt for the adult portions)

Chuck under the grill until the cheese bubbles.


Told you it was bloody easy.

IMG_0685 2.jpg

This is a perfect quick lunch that you can get the kids involved with making and you will all actually want to eat afterwards. It’s nothing fancy, it won’t win any awards, but it tastes good and it fills tummies and sometimes that’s all we need.