I know as an English woman I’m supposed to reject all traditions rooted in American capitalism. But I happen to be an English woman who loves me a present, so really, any excuse.

The idea of a push present is something I’m majorly on board with. You’ve just watched the woman you love grow your child inside her for over 9 months, probably not very comfortably, then you’ve either seen her push said child out of a very small hole or be sliced in half and had it pulled out. Either way, I’d say girl’s earned a present.

Not to mention your house is about to be filled with gifts and admirers, none of them for her. Having a newborn can be seriously isolating, even when you’re surrounded by people who love you they are often more focussed on the new tiny person and don’t really think to ask about you.

I shouldn’t need to justify this, buy her a damn present! I’ve compiled a list of some things that would definitely have you on the front cover of Good Daddy Weekly.

The Mama Chain 

I. Am. Obsessed. With. This. Chain.

If your lady is a big Instagrammer she probably already knows about Cult of Youth jewellery. Kelly is a badass mama producing badass jewellery!

The Mama Chain comes in gold, silver, or with the addition of the cutest tiny skulls. This is the perfect gift for the mama who’ll always hold on to that little bit of her rock and roll identity.

(The gold is currently sold out but will soon be back in stock I am assured. Hint hint Matthew…)

A Year of Flowers

Yep. A whole year of flowers. How many times have you heard ‘I wish you’d buy me more flowers’? Or have you missed the glaringly obvious looks across the kitchen as she loudly unpacks and presents the bunch she bought herself from Waitrose, again?! 

Bloom and Wild have your back. Not just one bunch of flowers, but a bunch every month for a year through the letterbox! This is a good gift!

Mama Clutch

Jem + Bea make the most gorgeous, trendy, and unmumsy nappy bags on the market. They’re the top of the list for many new mums when shopping for the baby essentials. But a nappy bag isn’t really a gift for her. That’s where this awesome clutch comes in.

Perfect for day or night, with or without baby. Somewhere to store her things so her favourite lipstick doesn’t get lost amongst the breastpads, Rusk crumbs, and the nappy bags that always come loose. It also serves as the perfect clutch for post-baby nights out, a little reminder of her new awesome role in life, while still being damn stylish!

Mum Days

Annoyingly these incredible gifts are only available to a select few cities still (I know, I’m as pissed as you are about it!) but for those lucky mamas who are based centrally these are the perfect gifts for a new mum.

The New Mum Indulgence Package a bunch of flowers from Bloom and Wild, a 60 minute AT HOME massage, 3 hours of professional house cleaning, and £20 worth of laundry. I mean. Come on! That shit is what every parent wants, no needs!

I can’t tell you how much I wish this was available in Cornwall, I would be forcing everybody to buy them for me and never have to clean again!!

Birth Poster

There’s a lot of personalised artwork out there for celebrating a new baby, and it can be a bit of a mission to try and find one that is classy, fits in your home decor, and is the right amount of sentimental. The Birth Poster is the perfect mix of all of these.

1:1 scale of your baby’s length at birth with details of weight, time, date, and birth name with a few styles to choose from. Minimalistic, monochrome, and perfectly sentimental. I don’t think there’s any home that these wouldn’t work in.

I’m 100% ordering a pair for both my babies once I pop this one out, I really, really love them!


Perfume is always a good gift. Especially if you get something fancy that she wouldn’t normally buy herself. Whether she’s always harboured a desire for Chanel No. 5 but can’t justify spending that money on herself, or she prefers something more modern like Flowerbomb (gestures wildly).

Beauty products are something that will make her feel a little bit more glamourous and like her pre-baby self, which honestly is a godsend. Covering the smell of baby sick with Chanel is always going to make it a bit easier isn’t it?


Another great subscription option. There will be £100s spent in Boots in the coming months, but unless you count nipple cream not much of that will be spent on her. Which to be frank, fucking sucks!

A monthly delivery of some new beauty products to try can encourage a few moments of self-care and pampering. Which is essential for sanity. Trust me.

Birchbox is the best subscription beauty box I’ve tried personally, although there are several out there. You can spend anywhere from around £10 a month for the likes of Birchbox, Glossybox, or Look Fantastic, or more for a more luxury brand like Cohorted or the super luxurious Mintd.

A gift that keeps on giving, a little bit of luxury just for her through the letterbox each month.

You know

There’s been hints dropped, I assure you. There’s something that she’s mentioned that she likes and wants but won’t buy herself because her bank balance has been emptied on baby paraphernalia.

Whether it’s that pair of shoes you keep finding her staring at, that new leather jacket she needs to replace the shedding one she’s had for the last decade, or the crazy overpriced face cream that she says she’s read about.

Yes, it will seem extravagant. Yes, it’s a lot of money on one thing. But damn if she doesn’t deserve it now, when will she?

Get shopping boys! That lady of yours has most definitely earned it!