Buying gifts for a new baby can be a minefield. There is so much out there advertising itself as essential and perfect for newborns, in actual fact a lot of it is crap that nobody needs (or really wants to be honest). I think this is especially difficult if you don’t have children yourself – I know when I had TI I was inundated by soft toys, completely impractical outfits, and even a few pairs of baby sunglasses…

So I’ve put together a collection of items we would actually like to receive, things that are useful, beautiful, and helpful for new parents and their babies. (And if it also serves as a slight hint…ideal!)

(None of these products are ads, they are all things I have either bought or intend to buy and love! Unless anyone wants to send me some freebies of course, I am now unemployed after all…)

Gifts for Baby

The obvious person to buy a gift for is the baby that’s just been born. Plus lets be honest it’s the cutest to shop for. It’s hard to buy things that will actually be of use and the parents will be really grateful for.

Top tip from me to you – don’t buy the smallest size, go for 4m+. Parents will be inundated with presents in tiny sizes which baby won’t be in for more than five minutes and will be so grateful for bigger sizes they’ll need before you know it.

Love Boo £


Products are a great gift for new parents, it’s something they’re guaranteed to use and will definitely need. Plus is there anything cuter than getting to have a sniff of newborn shampoo?! (No.)

However there are a lot of products out there that are absolutely full of nasties that honestly it still surprises me are even allowed to be sold for baby skin (long, hard stare at Johnsons). This is where Love Boo comes in! They make absolutely gorgeous products for bath time and beyond that is all totally safe to smother your precious new addition in. From bubble bath and shampoo to sleep aiding pillow spray and massage oils, Baby Boo have you covered.

Their range of gifts for baby (and for mum) have plenty of options for any price range and make the perfect present that is both useful and thoughtful.

The gorgeous people over at Love Boo are making your gift buying a little easier with 15% off for new customers just for you guys! Just enter CC15 at checkout and get a few more bubbles for your buck!

Baby Mori ££-£££

I am obsessed with this brand, everything is so soft, beautiful, and stylish. Plus it’s designed completely with use in mind as well as style. They really have thought of everything with their items.

Starter_Set_Flat_Lay_Composition_NB-3M_Grey_807b9b9a-64c6-4cd6-8cdf-4dd75c38b2c8_1024x1024.jpgIf you’re buying something for a VIB or a group of friends want to go in together on a baby gift then their starter set is perfect. We ordered one for ourselves (although always need the size up…) and I love everything in it. Sleeping (or swaddle for newborn) bag, vests, pyjamas, blanket, muslins, babygrow, and towel all included and in Mori’s signature softer than soft material. Offered in sizes from newborn up to 18-24m this set also allows you to buy a practical present that prepares parents for the future past the first few months – something not many gift givers think to do and will make you look like a pro!

The set is currently 40% off (not for long) so if you wanted to buy this for someone you know who is currently pregnant, I’d act fast. Those savings are good.

There are more reasonable options for gifts from Mori too; their hospital bag essentials, personalised towels, luxury gift hampers, one of their brilliant sleep bags, or just one of their super soft sleep suits. You can’t really go wrong with anything on this site.

Clothes £-££

Buying baby clothes for somebody else can be difficult, new parents will more often than not have an idea on how they want to dress their new bundle of joy! Speaking from experience people will not give a shit about this and despite your want to dress your child in entirely neutral outfits will ply you with the most garish items they could find. There was a Mini Mouse tutu that somebody bought TI that I’m still scarred by.

There are definitely loads more options for baby clothes out there than there ever have been before. You can find something for everyone’s style, no matter how demanding they are (awkward face).

I’ve listed some of my favourite brands to make your super stylish baby wardrobe…

Tobias & The Bear
MyK by Myleene Klass
H&M newborn is amazing
Sleep No More
Baby Mori – I know I mentioned them already (and they’re not the cheapest option but there is literally nothing softer! and cuter)


Sleepyhead of Sweden £££


So many parents swear by these so they must be on to something! Anything that might aid newborn sleep is always going to be a hit lets be honest. Keeping them safe, helping them sleep well, and looking stylish at the same time is a winner in anybody’s eyes.

This is one you might want to check they haven’t bought themselves beforehand, as I imagine it will be on most new parents lists. Again it’s a little on the pricey side, but perfect for a very special baby or a group gift.

For the extra stylish baby check out the exclusive to Harrods Mrs Mighetto cover, it’s damn cool.

The Super Practical – Kit & Kin Nappies! £


Nappies aren’t the most glamorous gift, they aren’t something new parents will keep forever in a special box engraved with baby’s name – but damn they are a useful one! And they can still be a super cute gift!

New nappy brand (co-founded by Baby Spice no less) Kit & Kin have officially made the cutest little poop catchers you ever did see! Fox nappies!!And not only are they cute, they’re so much better for the environment than the top brands, and all their potions and lotions are cruelty-free. Kit & Kin offer a subscription service, a few months of nappies without even having to think about them would be an amazing gift for any new parents. You can even throw in some wipes! (I would advise purchasing from the second month onwards because most people would probably have a stock pile of first size nappies themselves.)

Gift Cards

Yes, it seems boring. No, it might not look like the most inventive. But gift cards are really bloody handy.

Whether for a baby store you know they love, for somewhere like Mothercare where they can go towards many essentials, or for a supermarket where they can be used for the least glamourous but most essential – nappies – gift cards can go a long way to helping new parents (and save you the stress of trying to guess what they want!).

Gifts For Mum

There’s somebody in the room who just spend nearly ten months carrying a tiny human and far too many hours getting them out again. If anybody deserves a gift I think we all know it’s her…
I’ve listed a few ideas here, but you could also steal any of the ideas from my Push Presents suggestions and win the friend-of-the-year award!

Don’t Buy Her Flowers ££

If you haven’t heard the story behind Steph’s amazing company then the basic overview is this – Steph had a baby, Steph was bought bunch after bunch of flowers, Steph realised a time when you’re attempting to keep a tiny human (and yourself) alive probably isn’t the time to fill the house with things that will die. And lo, Don’t Buy Her Flowers was born. (You can read a much better version of that story here)

There are so many different package options to choose from, so you are guaranteed to find something that suits the mum you’re buying for (the gin package is probably a good bet for everyone). 20161117_DBHF1870-copy-380x251.jpg

From a tea break in a box, to a care package with pampering for a new mum – magazines, books, dry shampoo, champagne, and even vouchers for ready prepared meals. You can tailor build the perfect box and sit back and bask in the glory of proving yourself to be the best friend she has.

They also do a great package for men, who are usually completely forgotten when a baby is born, big changes are happening for them too and who’s to say they don’t deserve a treat or two?

Baby Book £


But not just any old baby book. As anybody who has ever had a baby can I’m sure attest to – a traditional baby book is a lovely idea (that you just never get around to doing).

I have a drawer with about three baby books sitting in it, I started them all but haven’t filled in an entry in six years since she was born. Who has the time?! Then a few months ago I was sent a copy of I’m Wrecked, This is my Journal and honestly it’s the best baby book I’ve ever seen. One I might even fill in more than once!

It’s honest, it’s real, it’s parenting. It’s a great gift for new parents.

Hello Fresh gift card ££


There’s always the advice to take over something that can be whacked in the freezer and be reheated at a convenient time in blogs like this. Which is of course a lovely suggestion and can make a world of difference to new parents. However if you’re anything like us our freezer is already full to the brim with meat that we never remember to take out and the odd loose fish finger, plus you’ll only be stuck in the awkward ‘forgetting to give the tupperware back’ dance.

Hello Fresh means you can give someone the gift of thought-free cooking, but without the faffing. A box that contains all the ingredients and recipe cards for up to five meals meaning nobody has to start that dreaded ‘what shall we do for dinner’ conversation.

Booze £-£££ (depends on how desperate she is for a cocktail)

No, really. She’s just gone nine (nearly ten) months without actually getting to enjoy her favourite tipple. And while she might not be drinking while she’s breastfeeding a bottle of good champagne is always a good gift.

See also, tequila.
See also, gin.
See also, whisky.
See also…you get the idea.

Gifts For Older Siblings

This is a less obvious one, an older sibling can often feel forgotten when a new baby comes along. Suddenly all eyes are on the baby and the house is full of presents for other people. A little gift for an older sibling can be a huge gesture, and the parents will be really happy that you haven’t forgotten they already had a child.

Activity Books £

Chances are an older sibling is suddenly going to find themselves with a lot less attention than they had before and instead they’ll be watching Moana on repeat for six weeks (something my daughter won’t actually complain about to be fair). Something that keeps them busy (but requires minimal assistance) is a great way to help counteract this.

There are so many great activity books out there, with their favourite characters and obsessions front and centre. From dress-up-dolly books (who didn’t love them!?) to Lego sticker books, and from the slyly educational to the shamelessly glittery and flamboyant. An activity can really help a new parent feel a bit less useless and a new sibling feel a bit less bored.

Go Outside The Lines £


Another great option for an activity for older siblings is one of the amazing colour and keep prints from Go Outside The Lines. Allowing kids to colour to the heart’s content and end up with something awesome to display on their wall.

Pair with a cheap frame from Ikea and you’ll have made their month. I just got TI a ‘Who Run The World’ print and I cannot wait to do it with her and get it up on our wall soon.

Such a great idea and a keepsake from a really exciting time for the family! (They also have reward charts for free download, which could come in very handy – behaviour can be a challenge with a new baby around.)

The lovely gang at Go Outside The Lines have a discount code just for you! Enter CC20 at checkout and get 20% off all orders until May 31st!

Matching outfits ££


This depends on the age of the older sibling, but my daughter is so excited to match the baby (it will make a change from her demanding we go out in full twin!). There are some super cute options for twinning out there at the moment, however if the older sibling is older than four it gets a lot harder (as barely any of the cute, trendy clothing companies seem to realise that babies grow in to children).

Nor-folk have the twinning thing totally nailed and I cannot wait to dress TI and MI in their matching BFF tops. They also have some great choices for parental twinning…which is definitely a thing (see above).

A Day Out

If you’re close to the family and know the older sibling well a trip to the park, to get a milkshake, or out for a day out at the local play farm can be the perfect break for both the parents and the sibling. They get a day of feeling extra special and spoilt, and mum actually gets to put that advice of ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ into action (that or catch up on all the Pretty Little Liars she’s missed). Time really can be the best gift you can give somebody.

This is just a few ideas to get you started of things I know I would appreciate. There is a whole sea of gifts out there for new babies and I don’t think it needs to be limited to some garish, gendered outfit grabbed in a panic from Mothercare. Of course another great way to help out new parents is to ask them what they need for the baby. They might have bought most things or not have stocked up at all – either way an offer of helpful gifting and maybe a few quid towards something essential can go a long way.

But the absolute best gift you can give new parents is support – it’s a scary, exhausting, lonely time. Popping over for a cup of tea or just stopping to listen for ten minutes goes a long way and (speaking from experience) will mean much more than any perfectly wrapped nappy cake.