You spend nine (ten) months carrying your baby. You watch what you eat, you’re careful not to overdo it, you make sure you rest. You know that the priority is the baby, and tell yourself the baby is ok as long as you are.

Then that precious cargo enters the world, and exits your womb. Suddenly self-care is the last thing on your list of priorities, your needs are bottom of the pile and that’s the way it stays for longer than any of us would like to admit.

I’m terrible for taking care of me when there’s other things to be done. I don’t eat until I’m close to fainting because there’s other things to be done. I don’t go to bed early enough because I didn’t have time to reply emails today so I’ll do them at midnight. Don’t even ask the last time I shaved my legs or whacked on a fake tan.

The problem with putting yourself at the bottom of the heap is you begin to believe you belong at the bottom of the heap. By not looking after yourself physically you can’t look after yourself mentally.

I’m not about to find an extra 12 hours in a day, nor am I about to have the luxury of eating my porridge in a morning without a baby hanging off my nipple. However I am making a conscious effort to try and keep myself healthy, we all know if mum gets ill the whole house collapses! While I’m not about to go vegan and gluten-free, I am cutting down on the empty foods I too often consume and get nothing other than an extra millimetre on my love handles from.

I’ve always been a bit ‘meh’ about taking vitamins and supplements. I either forget to take them or only try for a week and announce they’re not working. But with a pretty shambolic attempt to look after myself combined with feeding another human with my body I realised now is probably the time to start ensuring said body is getting what it needs.

Trying to choose the right supplements can be a nightmare, Holland and Barratt is as confusing to me as when I heard two guys from Love Island were releasing a single. Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for Vitl!

Matt has been using Vitl for months, and was forever raving about them. However as with most things he talks about I didn’t really listen. The one part of the conversation I heard though was about their personalised consultation they do with new customers, to ensure you get the combination of supplements that is right for you. I’ve been obsessed with anything personalised ever since I couldn’t get one of those headbands with my name in puffy ink on when I was six.

So when they got in touch to talk to me about their new ranges for fertility, pregnancy, and breastfeeding I was super keen to hear more. They’ve created a unique blend for each stage of the baby-making, pushing out, and feeding processes making it super simple to make sure you’re getting everything you and your baby needs. As they say, pregnancy needs so much more than just folic acid and vitamin D.

I’ve been taking the breastfeeding blend for a couple of weeks and it’s honestly great. You know I wouldn’t just say that! The first few times taking it it did make me a bit spinny headed, I assume my body was shocked at the fact I was actually putting something healthy in it. I’d firmly say only take them with food (which Vitl say too) for this very reason. Apparently they don’t only ensure you have everything you need to keep baby nourished, but also can help beat fatigue! Now I’m not saying I’m not tired, but with a baby who is still waking four times a night I could definitely be more tired! Also my nails have stopped splitting and growing with ridges, my skin is beginning to clear, and on a whole I just feel less shit.

Oh! And the packaging! The packaging is way too cool and satisfies my nerdiness on many levels! I’ll stick a Boomerang in my Stories…you’ll get it then! The vitamins are packaged with each day individually, labelled with the days of the week (helpful with baby brain) so they’re easy to chuck in the baby bag and go. And they’re delivered to your door without you even needing to think about it. (And the new baby ranges are less than 90p a day!)

I am also chucking a couple of fenugreek capsules into the mix every day, I scoffed a little bit when people said they would bring my milk supply up in days after I was ill, but holy shit do they work! Genuinely mind-blowing, if anybody is having supply issues – these little capsules are what you need! They do make your wee and sweat smell of a weird mix of maple syrup and curry though.

It’s not much, but it’s a little bit of self care that is making me feel a little bit better. I’m getting more nutrients, drinking more water, and hopefully learning to look after myself as well as everybody else. I’ll still have Burger King for breakfast sometimes of course…

Being the lovely people that they are, Vitl have offered new customers 50% off your first purchase with the code CAC50. That works for either the fertility, pregnancy, and breastfeeding ranges, or the personalised ranges. All you need to do is head here* to start your consultation and let Vitl figure out just what you need to start putting yourself first for a change.

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*Affiliate link – I may make a small amount of money if you choose to purchase which I will spend entirely on cute baby leggings.