Ok, to counteract my last post and to prove I’m not always a negative Nancy (I am, but I’m making an effort to not be) I thought long and hard and found 35 things that make me happy, despite often being pretty weird…

  1. Freckles.
  2. Flat earth theory. There is nothing on this (spherical) planet funnier.
  3. KFC.
  4. Sunsets that fill the whole sky.
  5. Storms.
  6. Wikipedia holes.
  7. Cold, sunny days.
  8. Paperback books with cracked spines, folded corners, and scribbled notes.
  9. Perfectly poured pints of Guinness.
  10. The sound of pouring the first glass of wine.
  11. The way Coke cans fit perfectly into empty bean tins in the recycling.
  12. Airports.
  13. Winter walks on the beach followed by red wine by a fire.
  14. Old surf movies.
  15. Power cuts.
  16. Thin as paper, long-stemmed wine glasses.
  17. People who can debate without arguing.
  18. Beer straight from the bottle.
  19. That feeling when you can’t get rid of the giggles.
  20. Tree swings.
  21. Friends who you don’t see for months but can talk like you see each other every day.
  22. Pyjamas.
  23. Trainers.
  24. Going fast on a longboard.
  25. Gifs.
  26. Tequila.
  27. Ice cold tap water.
  28. Mozzerella sticks.
  29. Looking through old photos.
  30. Gifts that make people cry.
  31. That feeling after seeing a new band play live when you know you just witnessed something special.
  32. Shooting stars.
  33. The conversations that happen after 3am.
  34. The sound of the wind.
  35. Guessing strangers’ stories.