Remember when we were sure 2017 would be a better year than 2016? Idiots. For the world it’s been another bastard of a year! But personally, it’s been pretty fucking awesome! There’s been shit bits too, of course there has, is there such a thing as a perfect year? No. No there is not.

I’m not one for New Year New Me, resolutions, or the expectation of the first of January bringing an answer to all of life’s woes. Any crap you had in your life on December 31st has a habit of following you through to January, it takes more than a new diary to fix your life (but while we’re here can we talk about how satisfying filling out a new diary is?!). I do however love a New Year as a time of reflection, a time to think back at what you’ve achieved over 12 months, to focus on what you did right and what you did wrong. Give thanks to the people who made your year what it was, reflect on the people that left.

For me, that’s done best with photos.

Another 12 months, another lifetime of memories. I’ve collected a few of my highlights, slightly show off, slightly to give myself the warm and fuzzies!

Come with us now on a journey through time and space…



Ava’s first sleepover with her bestie
Matt went self-employed like a damn rockstar!
Many a day cooking.
Me and Matt got ‘married’, Ava did our make up and styling…
We saw our then bump again, and found out he was a he!

Nasty Words, Lasting Impression
How to Survive the First Trimester…ish
Induction, Nudity, and No Stitches: My Birth Story
A Bad Day



Started writing my dissertation, which I actually loved writing. I know.
Camel Creek adventures with TI and her tiny bunch of pals.
Valentine’s dinner out for three.
Hub Box and Ava realising she actually does like milkshakes!
Weirdly warm, winter beach days.

Child-Free and Full of Questions – Pregnancy
Due Date
Child-Free and Full of Questions – Child Birth
My Maternity Body



Daddy-bump bonding
Adventures around Falmouth with some of our favourite people
Amelia Earhart for World Book Day (the sheer joy in her face!)
Matt and Ava making the best meatballs of all time!
Mother’s Day with my mummy and my sprog, playing in the park in matching t-shirts
I made the greatest chilli of all time (recipe below)

World Book Day Defense
I’m Not Ok, Is That Ok?
Seriously Badass Chilli



Anniversary trip to St Ives for annual Rum & Crab Shack and arcade games
The ever-growing bump
Handed in my dissertation, and all essays meaning I BLOODY FINISHED UNI!! (Matt was not a great photographer of this moment)
Porthleven Food Festival
Steezy beach days
Winchester Science Museum

Second Trimester Bliss?
10 Podcasts You Need to Hear
The Gender Detectives
The Guilt of Not Feeling Guilty
Emergency Pizza
Fish Fingers
Celebrating Myself
Stretch Marks, Marketing, and Self-Hate (I was very proud of what this post inspired)



My baby girl turned six! SIX!!
I made a damn unicorn cake!
We ran away for our babymoon, floated around in the pool, and ate all the food!
Rag’n’Bone Man at Live in The Wyldes (Ava’s most favourite person ever)

Maternal Mental Health
Mini Babymoon
Fear of Breastfeeding
Damn Fine Lasagne
Matt’s Mega Mackerel
Push Presents
New Baby Gift Ideas



Obviously the main highlight of our June was the birth of our little Fox Cub!
Making the most of one-on-one time with my baby girl
Father’s Day crazy golfing
Celebrating my mum’s birthday with curry and Glastonbury on loud
Those swollen feet, which was terrifying at the time, but hilarious now!

My Hospital Bag
Third Trimester
Unicorn Cake
‘If You Can’t Afford to Feed Your Child…’
Super Simple Chicken Risotto
Pregnant in a Heat Wave
The Language of Body Positivity
A Fox Cub!



I graduated!!
First taste of prosecco post-pregnancy. Never tasted better!
Moved to Bristol
Watching Ava and Fox’s bond grow
Tyre blow-out in the middle of nowhere, yeah it is a highlight, we had a right laugh with the whole situation

Water Birth, Danny Devito, and Still No Stitches: My Second Birth Story
Breastfeeding, A Second Try



Lots of skateboarding, cycling, and general tomfoolery in the park by our house
Exploring Bristol
Aquarium trip with my fish nerd daughter
Splashing about in Millenium Square fountains until it got dark
Matt’s birthday
Asking our gorgeous friends to be godparents to Fox
Balloon Fiesta fun with glitter

Equal Siblings



Yep, it’s a double collage month!
Ava had her hair chopped off for charity
The Downs Festival (super family friendly)
Endless card games with the small one (who’s a terrible winner)
First date night post-baby
London for my first ever press event with Hello Fresh
London again two days later for a press event with Kit + Kin
Meeting some of my most favourite bloggers (and a bloody Spice Girl!!)
Science museum japes with my nerd family
Exploring all the museums of Bristol
My Birthday (thanks for the cake, Matt)
Celebrating my gorgeous friends’ wedding with a bunch of reprobates

That Thread, Nastiness, and Transparency
Anxiety and Fashion
The Question Not to Ask



The first (of many) family holidays with our besties to Center Parcs
TI started at her new school finally and settled in like a pro
Marwell Zoo and our first family selfie
The pumpkin glasses that inspired a thousand photoshops (you’ll need to see Matt’s Instagram for that)
Last minute Halloween costumes, including dressing Fox like a sommelier
Photoshoot with the wonderful Joanna Nicole Photography giving us photos of Fox we’ll keep close forever

Self Care and Supplements
‘Me Too’



Copious ridiculous selfies with the kids
Discovering Oowee
Pink gin!! (here)
Things finally starting to get easy with Mr No-Sleep-Cry-A-Lot

35 Things That Irrationally Annoy Me
35 Things That Make Me Weirdly Happy



Raising over £2000 for Emmaus UK with my big raffle
Got my first paid work through the blog/Instagram, which is bloody exciting!
Fauxmas for Deecember with my pals
Father Christmas visits
General festive madness that is so much fun with two kids
My mummy got back from Italy!
Hosting Christmas Day, it was a ride but we pulled it off!
Quick pitstop trip to Cornwall in the storms
Celebrating New Year with boardgames and besties

What to Buy The Person Who Has Everything…
Father Christmas at Avon Valley
Signing Off

Thank you to each and every person who has supported me through 2017. I didn’t expect the blog and my Instagram to take off like they have, it’s been a wild ride of ups and downs learning how that affects me, but it’s been pretty bloody great!

You all rock, here’s to a happy, healthy 2018 full of smiles, and the support you need when the smiles are hard to find.