I find blog reviews something really difficult to write, I’m not sure my style lends perfectly to QVC style pitches. But when I have been gifted something I do like I want to try and talk about it, it’s only fair right?!

I have only ever sleeping bags on both my kids, they’re both fidgets in their sleep and if I was to try blankets on them as babies I would wake up to tiny little ice pops through the winter. So when ErgoPouch got in touch and wanted to send me one of their Sleep Suit Bags obviously I said yes! (We have this one)

The difference with the ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag and other sleeping bags is the ability to zip it up as either a standard sleeping bag or into two legs. This is great for older kids (and I’ve heard can be helpful for babies who struggle to roll over in the night and wake up through the night in frustration). There’s grippy pads on the feet so they can walk around in their sleeping bag without resembling Bambi on ice.

We haven’t seen the full benefits of this personally yet as since Fox has been walking the weather has been what can only be described as insane, so he hasn’t been in the bag. However we have used it in the buggy and the car seat when out into the evening which makes bed transfer much easier and lets be honest that’s always a good thing.

The bag fits ages 8-24 months so the legs are a little long for Fox and when he was crawling in it he got a little tangled up, and when standing the foot grips aren’t anywhere near his feet just yet. But I’d choose growing room over a perfect fit from the second you put them in it any day. Nearly a year and a half of use is great!

There’s not loads you can say about a sleeping bag, but since we were sent the ErgoPouch is has been the only one we use. I’ll definitely be ordering a heavier tog for the winter.

No, they’re not the cheapest option out there. But the quality is great (our’s still looks brand new and I can’t imagine how many times it’s been through the wash now), the patterns are different and not obviously ‘baby’ (which is always a good things), and anything that means I can drag the baby out to a festival and then get him home again with little disturbance is always going to be a winner in my book!

Review in exchange for gifted product, all words always my own.