About Me

I’m Mia, a twenty-something mum, studying English at university, facing my daily battles with mental health, and fairly certain I’ve only made it this far by sheer fluke.

I currently live in Cornwall, which I love but am tired of, so we plan to run away to somewhere closer to civilisation once my degree’s in the bag. I love red wine, KFC, live music, depressing TV dramas, wearing only black, and spending too much money on make up.

I’m mother to one Tiny Idiot – Ava – who is six, and am growing another as we speak. I write for fun but hope to one day make my hobby slightly more lucrative.

I plan on writing awe inspiring, painfully truthful and revolutionary posts on how it really is to be a young mum in today’s world. It’s much more likely I’ll just share some gifs and moan about people who put lemon in gin.


The Tiny Idiot

The little bundle of chaos that came crashing into my life, changing everything six years ago is affectionately known as the Tiny Idiot. I was 19 when I fell pregnant and 20 when I became a single mum.

We’ve been through the mill and our story is a long and complex one, but I wouldn’t change a single thing about it; it’s made us who we are, given us strength, and created a relationship that is stronger than anything else.

We’ve battled through our share of hardships; having nowhere to live, having no money, having stupid boys be stupid, learning to understand each other. It’s been an adventure, but we made it through.


The Big Idiot

Our little family grew to three when I met a guy on Twitter.

Soon after he gave up his high-flying career and party lifestyle in London to move to Cornwall and put his hand to this parenting lark. I have to say he’s done a bloody good job!

Our relationship isn’t perfect (who’s is?) but we make each other laugh every day and we’re constantly learning more and more about each other, which I think is the key.

And now we’re expecting the newest member of our idiot family in July. The next big adventure that we couldn’t be more excited about!

So now here we are, a little family of idiots, trying our best.
We’re happy, and I think we’re doing ok.