Cigarettes and Calpol is a family, lifestyle, and mental health blog by a twenty-something mum of two, Mia. That’s me!

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Our family recently upped and moved from our home in Cornwall to the slightly more fast-paced Bristol. Now I can get food delivered and Amazon Prime Now. I love red wine, KFC, festivals, depressing TV dramas, wearing only black, spending too much money on make up, and the biggest gold hoops I can find.

I’ve faced my daily battles with my mental health for as long as I can remember. Depression is a black fog that drifts in and out of my life and its good friend anxiety never really leaves. I’m all about finding ways to keep on keeping on in spite of them.

I graduated university a couple of weeks after giving birth, studying English and so I plan on writing awe-inspiring, painfully truthful and revolutionary posts on how it really is to be a young mum in today’s world. But it’s much more likely I’ll just share some gifs and moan about people who put lemon in gin.

I have two babies; A (affectionately known as The Tiny Idiot), who is eight, and her little brother Fox, who is two. I became a mother to both of them in very different ways, but I wouldn’t change a thing about either.

The Tiny Idiot.png

The little bundle of chaos that came crashing into my life, changing everything eight years ago is affectionately known as the Tiny Idiot (it comes from the fact Matt called me a Sexy Idiot when we first met). I was 19 when I fell pregnant and 20 when I became a single mum.

We’ve been through the mill and our story is a long and complex one, but I wouldn’t change a single thing about it; it’s made us who we are, given us strength, and created a relationship that is stronger than anything else.

We’ve battled through our share of hardships; having nowhere to live, having no money, having stupid boys be stupid, learning to understand each other. It’s been an adventure, but we made it through.

She’s the best kid I’ve ever met and has me in hysterics multiple times a day, has absolutely no common sense, and when I asked her if she believed in God she said no, she believes in flying unicorns.

The Big Idiot

Our little family grew to three when I met a guy on Twitter.

Soon after he gave up his high-flying career and party lifestyle in London to move to Cornwall and put his hand to this parenting lark. I have to say he’s done a bloody good job!

Our relationship isn’t perfect (whose is?) but we make each other laugh every day and we’re constantly learning more and more about each other, which I think is the key.

He has been an incredible dad to TI and is doing a damn fine job now we’ve thrown another tiny terror into the mix. He watched a head come out of me, has been sprayed in the face with breast milk, dealt with my extreme pregnancy mood swings, and hardly ever gets to go to the pub anymore – yet he still reckons this is what he wants out of life.

Lucky isn’t a big enough word to describe how I feel to have this idiot in my life.

My Fox Cub (1)

Two years ago we welcomed the newest addition to Team Idiot. And while he’s still a little too young to have gained a nickname that will offend Mumsnet, I can confirm the more personality he shows the more he definitely fits in…

Fox likes dancing, eating, Barbies, shouting, chicken nuggets, and anything that could kill him. He’s perfect.