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What is life without love?
A lot less complicated probably…

The Mirena Coil – my personal love affair Q+A

Before we go any further I want to make it very, very clear that this is my experience, and because something worked for me doesn’t mean it will work for everybody. I’m also very much not a medical professional and you should always seek professional advice if you have any worries or concerns about your body.

Ok, that’s out the way. ON WITH THE SHOW.

Whenever I mention that I have the coil (or IUD) I get endless questions, so I thought the best thing to do would be gather all those questions and answer them all in one nice, tidy space.

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Tweet Cute – a modern romance (vlog)

‘Where did you guys meet?’
‘You mean Tinder?’
‘No…I mean Twitter.’

A conversation I have had more times than I could even begin to count. But yes, we met on Twitter. Unconventional and oh so very 21st century of us, we know. But it’s actually not that rare, as my gorgeous friend Susie discovered when she asked Twitter couples to tell her their stories.

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20 Lessons from Living with a Boy

It’s almost a year since my clean, tidy, pretty, girly flat was destroyed and filled with smelly boy things and a smelly boy. While he didn’t come with many belongings, he has certainly changed my home. Mostly for the better.

So what have I learnt in this year? Glad you asked, and luckily for you I’ve written a handy list.

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You Plus Two

There have been some pretty big changes in my life over the past few months; I found a new nail salon, I realised I can’t drink gin anymore, oh and this guy kinda quit his rockstar lifestyle in London to move to Cornwall and live with me and my idiot child.

Obviously moving in with a partner is always going to involve some big changes, for me I had to learn to sleep on one side of the bed and occasionally wash up midweek. But for Matt, he not only had to put up with my insane demands, he also had to learn to cope with a tiny diva.

We’re not alone in this situation, but it’s also not one that I often see written about. So we had a quick chat (online, we’re in our twenties, we don’t talk in person) about how it feels to suddenly find yourself +2.

Before reading further I think it’s important to know that Matt wanted me to title this post ‘I Threw My Child At My Boyfriend And This Is What He Thinks About It’…
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Our Unhealthy Obsessions

I, like most of us, have a crazy, psychotic obsession with Scandal. Who doesn’t? Weirdos and people in prison that’s who. There is, however, one part of the show that makes my toes curl, my stomach feel heavy, and a huge wave of uncomfort to pass over me – Fitz and Olivia’s relationship. It’s everything a relationship shouldn’t be.
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Living With A Boy

Living with a boy.
What an achievement! It means you’ve actually convinced somebody that you’re sane, fun, and clean enough to want to share a bathroom with.
It also means having to give up your spare sock drawer, share your secret supply of biscuits, and consider moving your rabbit out of the drawer on their side of the bed.
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Going The Distance

‘Long distance never works!’
We’ve all heard it, said it and thought it. I know this time last year I couldn’t have agreed more, I had 100% sworn off ever dating outside of my postcode again – then I met my boyfriend and the bastard completely screwed that up!
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Finding the Words

You thought you’d felt it before. You were so sure of it. You said that’s what it was, you told people, as many people as you possibly could. You felt all those things you’d read in a dog-eared Jane Austen novel and it was the best you’d had, so it had to be it, right? But there was always something wrong, wasn’t there? But it was balanced out. It had to balance out.

Then something happened. Something that changed the way you see everything you’ve ever known. Somebody suddenly made you question everything you’d felt before them.

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