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Some of my favourite recipes for cooking with or without kids – we can all cook!

Seriously Badass Chilli

I’ve been a bit slack with recipe posts recently, mainly because I never think to take photos of the prep stages until after I’ve already finished my third helping. But this recipe is too good not to share, you’ll have to imagine the photos of chopped up, raw beef and spice mixes for yourselves. This was originally a recipe from Jamie’s America that I have butchered and changed so much he’d probably rather have a recipe for Turkey Twizzlers associated with him…

The key to this one is to cook it for as long as you possibly can. I made it at the weekend and cooked it for about five hours on Saturday evening then another five Sunday morning. Low and slow, that’s the key to this one-pot-wonder.

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Cajun Fish Tacos

I officially have a new favourite food. And it comes in the form of Cajun fish tacos.

This is the perfect meal to make when you want to impress, with minimum effort. All the prep work can be done hours in advance with just the fish needing to be cooked directly before serving. Ideal for when you want to make sure your BBQ is the one people will be talking about for months on end. Take that Carol.

Image-3 (1).png

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Crispy Chilli Chicken

Recently I’ve decided I need to do something to defeat my ever-expanding waistline, I’m not about to give up weekday drinking and annoyingly my boyfriend is too nice to me to trigger any extreme stress weight loss so I decided maybe lowering our takeaway consumption from five nights a week to one…maybe two…

However I have a problem. I crave disgusting, greasy, MSG-ridden food like an addict. SO I decided the best option would be to create my own, slightly healthier (and a damn site cheaper) versions of my favourite foods. And because I’m a generous, loving type, I’m going to share some recipes with you.

First up, Crispy Chilli Chicken.

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Quality Time and Carbs

First of all, I have a confession; I’m not the best when it comes to Super Fun Family Activities. Days out I’ve got nailed, especially if they involve a large meal that lasts over an hour – but give me paint, glitter, and lollipop sticks and I’ll suddenly find a load of urgent washing and a bottle of tequila.

Cooking however is something we have recently realised we can enjoy together. When she was smaller it just seemed a bit…icky. But now shes bigger and understands not to flick bogies in the bowl some of our best quality time is spent in the kitchen.

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