Cigarettes and Calpol

Attempting to make sense of parenthood, life, love, and my own mind.




‘No really, I feel fine!

God I hate that smug bitch I was two weeks ago. I’d just been asked about coming off anti-depressants. I was fine. It was actually really easy. Sunshine and rainbows and unicorns skipping through meadows and oh fuck no apparently I was wrong…
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‘Money doesn’t buy happiness’

No. It doesn’t. If anything that statement is just offensive on the grounds you might think I think it does. I have plenty in my life keeping me happy, I’m lucky like that!

But a lack of money? Well that most certainly encourages sadness. Not just sadness; stress, anger, jealousy, panic and even depression. The sight of a bank account with more going out each month than the meager amount going in is a feeling that nobody can be ok with.
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Discovering my new Route

What a difference a year makes eh? Especially when that year contains more dramatic turns that a series finale of Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve pretty much been through it all over the past 12 months, I’m not about to bore you with the details here. Those that were there at the time will probably shove their heads in their ovens if they hear about it one more time and those of you who weren’t will live a much longer, happier life not knowing.
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