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Our 2017

Remember when we were sure 2017 would be a better year than 2016? Idiots. For the world it’s been another bastard of a year! But personally, it’s been pretty fucking awesome! There’s been shit bits too, of course there has, is there such a thing as a perfect year? No. No there is not.

I’m not one for New Year New Me, resolutions, or the expectation of the first of January bringing an answer to all of life’s woes. Any crap you had in your life on December 31st has a habit of following you through to January, it takes more than a new diary to fix your life (but while we’re here can we talk about how satisfying filling out a new diary is?!). I do however love a New Year as a time of reflection, a time to think back at what you’ve achieved over 12 months, to focus on what you did right and what you did wrong. Give thanks to the people who made your year what it was, reflect on the people that left.

For me, that’s done best with photos.

Another 12 months, another lifetime of memories. I’ve collected a few of my highlights, slightly show off, slightly to give myself the warm and fuzzies!

Come with us now on a journey through time and space…

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Father Christmas at Avon Valley

When we moved to Bristol one of the things I was genuinely worrying about was the change in our traditions, especially at Christmas. Christmas Eve gingerbread house construction with my best friends and their smalls, freezing cold walks on the beach, sneaking out for too many shandies with friends. Our visit to Father Christmas was one tradition we were set to.

Every year since TI’s been big enough to know what it’s all about we’ve been to visit Father Christmas at The Eden Project, we absolutely love it and had no idea how to come close this year. But we definitely managed it!

I was contacted by the lovely Lizzie at Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park who invited us to the Christmas Experience to meet Father Christmas, and we loved every minute of it!

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Kids Come With

The more parents I connect with online and in real life the more I realise something I’ve been doing for years without even noticing it. I see people posting about their child-free friends and how much they love their children, how their favourite days are when they all hang out together, and how their friends are an extension of their family – aunties and uncles to their kids.

And I realise I’ve been keeping my social life and my parent life completely separate for nearly six years.

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Tweet Cute – a modern romance (vlog)

‘Where did you guys meet?’
‘You mean Tinder?’
‘No…I mean Twitter.’

A conversation I have had more times than I could even begin to count. But yes, we met on Twitter. Unconventional and oh so very 21st century of us, we know. But it’s actually not that rare, as my gorgeous friend Susie discovered when she asked Twitter couples to tell her their stories.

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The Next Adventure

We have some very, very exciting news!

Our little family of three is growing! With our new Mini Idiot joining the fun in June 2017!


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Leopallooza – The Festival You Should Be Attending

When it comes to blogging I am not the most constant. I’m not one of these people who manage to produce a wonderfully written, well thought-out blog three times a week. It’s just not who I am, mostly because when it comes to writing I can only write about something I’m truly passionate about.

This blog is about something I’m really, honestly passionate about.

Leopallooza Festival. 


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Disneyland Paris – my tips

If you follow me on any form of social media you might have picked up on the fact that we were in Disneyland Paris last week? Before we went I trawled hundreds of blogs, reviews, and forums for tips on doing Disney with a Tiny Idiot, however a lot of the tips (and things moaned about) did not match up to our experience at all, so I’ve thrown together my own list of must-dos, must-misses, and must-avoid-at-all-costs!

Plus it’s a great excuse to share some of the photos again.

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Quality Time and Carbs

First of all, I have a confession; I’m not the best when it comes to Super Fun Family Activities. Days out I’ve got nailed, especially if they involve a large meal that lasts over an hour – but give me paint, glitter, and lollipop sticks and I’ll suddenly find a load of urgent washing and a bottle of tequila.

Cooking however is something we have recently realised we can enjoy together. When she was smaller it just seemed a bit…icky. But now shes bigger and understands not to flick bogies in the bowl some of our best quality time is spent in the kitchen.

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Yet Another Guilt Trip

If you’ve been anywhere near Twitter this morning you might have seen Jamie Oliver’s decided on his next campaign. Not happy with ruining my life by taking away Turkey Twizzlers, and now taxing my life source – Lucozade – ol’ Jamie’s now using his voice for something he is undoubtedly an expert in. Breastfeeding.

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