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You Plus Two

There have been some pretty big changes in my life over the past few months; I found a new nail salon, I realised I can’t drink gin anymore, oh and this guy kinda quit his rockstar lifestyle in London to move to Cornwall and live with me and my idiot child.

Obviously moving in with a partner is always going to involve some big changes, for me I had to learn to sleep on one side of the bed and occasionally wash up midweek. But for Matt, he not only had to put up with my insane demands, he also had to learn to cope with a tiny diva.

We’re not alone in this situation, but it’s also not one that I often see written about. So we had a quick chat (online, we’re in our twenties, we don’t talk in person) about how it feels to suddenly find yourself +2.

Before reading further I think it’s important to know that Matt wanted me to title this post ‘I Threw My Child At My Boyfriend And This Is What He Thinks About It’…
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Living With A Boy

Living with a boy.
What an achievement! It means you’ve actually convinced somebody that you’re sane, fun, and clean enough to want to share a bathroom with.
It also means having to give up your spare sock drawer, share your secret supply of biscuits, and consider moving your rabbit out of the drawer on their side of the bed.
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