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Seriously Badass Chilli

I’ve been a bit slack with recipe posts recently, mainly because I never think to take photos of the prep stages until after I’ve already finished my third helping. But this recipe is too good not to share, you’ll have to imagine the photos of chopped up, raw beef and spice mixes for yourselves. This was originally a recipe from Jamie’s America that I have butchered and changed so much he’d probably rather have a recipe for Turkey Twizzlers associated with him…

The key to this one is to cook it for as long as you possibly can. I made it at the weekend and cooked it for about five hours on Saturday evening then another five Sunday morning. Low and slow, that’s the key to this one-pot-wonder.

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Leopallooza – The Festival You Should Be Attending

When it comes to blogging I am not the most constant. I’m not one of these people who manage to produce a wonderfully written, well thought-out blog three times a week. It’s just not who I am, mostly because when it comes to writing I can only write about something I’m truly passionate about.

This blog is about something I’m really, honestly passionate about.

Leopallooza Festival. 


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Disneyland Paris – my tips

If you follow me on any form of social media you might have picked up on the fact that we were in Disneyland Paris last week? Before we went I trawled hundreds of blogs, reviews, and forums for tips on doing Disney with a Tiny Idiot, however a lot of the tips (and things moaned about) did not match up to our experience at all, so I’ve thrown together my own list of must-dos, must-misses, and must-avoid-at-all-costs!

Plus it’s a great excuse to share some of the photos again.

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