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Disneyland Paris – my tips

If you follow me on any form of social media you might have picked up on the fact that we were in Disneyland Paris last week? Before we went I trawled hundreds of blogs, reviews, and forums for tips on doing Disney with a Tiny Idiot, however a lot of the tips (and things moaned about) did not match up to our experience at all, so I’ve thrown together my own list of must-dos, must-misses, and must-avoid-at-all-costs!

Plus it’s a great excuse to share some of the photos again.

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Thoughts You Have When Away From Your Baby

I am currently half way through a week away from my daughter. I’ve done it before, neither of us are particularly clingy to each other and when I want to run away to London for a week she’s more than happy to have special nanny-time, as the cover photo clearly shows…
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