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Last Minute Mum Gifts

If you’re reading this I’m going to suggest that you probably opened the link with a ‘FUCK! It’s Mother’s Day soon? So soon I’m having to use a last minute gift guide?!’. My answer to you is yes, dumbass. It’s on Sunday.

But worry not my little last minute idiots. I’ve put together a gift guide of things your mum/wife/girlfriend will not only actually want, but you can make sure you get in time. Mothers are awesome and deserve a day of being spoiled, like, really spoiled. Because mothers do so much. So quit slacking and get on it. Got that? Matt?

This list will not include anything Cath Kidston, compilation CDs that include Ellie Golding, baking sets, or flower-shaped egg rings. Because I’m a mum that doesn’t want that shit and I am surrounded by mums who don’t want that shit. Sound like the sort of thing the mums in your life would like alongside the hand-drawn card thrown at their face at 6am on Sunday morning? Perfect, follow me. Continue reading “Last Minute Mum Gifts”

Finding the Words

You thought you’d felt it before. You were so sure of it. You said that’s what it was, you told people, as many people as you possibly could. You felt all those things you’d read in a dog-eared Jane Austen novel and it was the best you’d had, so it had to be it, right? But there was always something wrong, wasn’t there? But it was balanced out. It had to balance out.

Then something happened. Something that changed the way you see everything you’ve ever known. Somebody suddenly made you question everything you’d felt before them.

Continue reading “Finding the Words”

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